Wednesday, May 31, 2006

That Poor Football...

Follow the Leader

Friday, May 26, 2006

Partners In Crime...

Resting From Their Labors

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And What They Did.

The Usual Suspects.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Drinking From the Hose, or...

Digging to China?

You be the judge. ;-]

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fox In Sox Never Thought of This

Two Peas In A Pod

Thursday, May 18, 2006

How about that for multi-tasking! Feeding the bunny & taking the picture! : )

Here's Frick 'n Frack!

I think David was thinking of naming one of them Boogger (guess he's a feisty one) and I suggested Betsy for the other - David thinks it's a she - and she's the laid-back quiet type.

Awww so tiny!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


...And Now

Togetherness ;->


Two new additions to our pet blog! David and his buddy came across these guys yesterday. The grounds crew, unfortunately, hit the nest with the lawn mower - 3 of the 7 didn't make it. David and Brad rescued these tykes, cleaned them up and each took two! The DNR gave them feeding tips - aren't they cute!
PS: They're bunnies, not mice!

David feeding one of his new pets! Every 3 hours!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Am I (black and) blue...?

;- .

You betcha. That's what comes of dogs underfoot! Especially as one of them is a big galoot.

Let's play baby puppy...
;- j

Daddy's little girl... ;-]

Sunday, May 14, 2006

crapped out... ;->

Saturday, May 13, 2006

well that was different...

i tripped over loki in the kitchen last night [actually stepped on him twice] and landed splat. i did a lovely job on my right knee and left wrist. knee is purply-ochre at the moment and my wrist is in a splint. doctor doesn't think it's cracked but wants the radiologist to read it next week to be sure.

it's gonna ruin my outfit tomorrow! my lovely sundress! [sigh] oh well, i'll just keep my arm in my lap. ;-l

big old lumox.

Friday, May 12, 2006


I managed to step on the hose before the still spouting shower head got too far into the house! Luckily I had just turned it off and it was barely dribbling. That was the 3rd or 4th attempt to get it in the door! Loki is determined -- and fast.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Checking out the kids next door.

The grass is always greener...or in this case, lilac. ;-j

A boy and his new dog.

;- j

Clash of the Titans

Too fast for the camera. ;- j


It's hard work breaking in a new dog.

Loki and his handiwork...

And proud of it. ;-j It doesn't quite reach to China, but give him time. Hey Jeane, how does this compare to Scooty's holes?

Curious Tinker - younger Ohio cousin Posted by Picasa

Freya & Loki's Ohio "top dog" cousin Scooter Posted by Picasa

Hide & Seek.

Freya and Loki's newest game is hide & seek around the dog house (which is really a lawn sculpture as no dog ever goes in there). We play a similar game in the house with her, going round and round from the kitchen to the livingroom to the familyroom and back to the kitchen. It can be an interesting waiting game to see which direction the seeker will come from. Well she and Loki now play it around the dog house, with much starting and stopping and change of direction. It's a blast to watch. We sit on the patio with our sodas and chortle. I'll try to capture a picture of it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Freya and her houseguest, Lady.

Last week Lady got up close and too personal with a rattlesnake, just when Jan had to go out-of-town, so we ended up doggy-sitting for a few days. She doesn't look it in this picture, but her muzzle blew up like a balloon. Most unsettling for a lady of her delicate nature, and a few days sequestered at a spa was what was called for. Freya doted on her every need -- and some she didn't have. That's when we decided she needed a pal. Boy were we conned!

Who could resist a face like that?!

No Rest for the Wicked...or at least the naughty ;-> They can keep this up for hours, and do!

Freya and Birdbrain ;-j

One of Freya's favorite toys. We've put it and Bobo and Owl Ball up for awhile. At least until Loki works thru his chew-on-everything issues. Right now it's an empty envelope box -- it was that or the envelopes. ;->

The Kids, Loki & Freya 8-]

I'm in, thanks! I'll write more soon... I'm going to pop back to the pics you just sent! Beautiful pair there!

Heeeeeere's Loki!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Too, Too Sweet ;->

Freya and Loki are asleep on the familyroom couch & ottoman. Someone is snoring. Loki is tucked into the corner of the couch and Freya the ottoman, with one paw stretched across his back legs.

Loki still isn't quite sure what's happening next. Eventually he'll get bored with waiting to go back in his cage and forget about it. He's starting to walk out the back door on his own, tho he comes back inside quickly. The out-of-doors is just too foreign.

Raphaelle from Boxer Rescue called this morning to see how it was going. People have been asking about him. Poor guy was there for two years. She was pleased and surprised to hear we've had few ajustment problems. Only one food agressive incident this morning, but I quelled that imediately. He'll catch on. I've seen enough Dog Whisperer now to know anything can be straightened out if we're the pack leaders.

Tonight the pack is going for a walk. That should be entertaining. ;- j

Loki NO!

Don't pull the sheet covering from my printing press. Don't eat the coasters. Don't take the lid from the kitchen garbage can. Don't dig to China. DON'T EAT THE FURNITURE.

Anything I'm missing? ;- j

It's sweet tho when they're too tired to tussle anymore and they lay down together behind my chair. That lasts 'til one of them gets their wind back and they're off and running again.

I'll have pics soon as Bill uploads them to the computer at work. 8-]

Monday, May 08, 2006

Definitely not low-key... ;- j

But his name is Loki. We've decided. He's not regal enough to be Odin, but he's sure mischievous enough to be Loki. ;->

Just over 24 hours so we shouldn't expect miracles. He's going outside more, even on his own. And he was up the hill exploring a couple of times on his own. He's settling in.

Freya is a little uncertain yet, alternating between dominant and submissive. It's all rather exhausting.

She just got him to go outside with her, so there's progress.

Hey Chris! 8-]

Nice to see you. How're your guys doing? Taking to the desert life? You can post here too. Just click on the I BLOGGER button, the plus sign next to dogblog, posting and create automatically come up with a box. Piece of cake. 8-]


Lesson #1: Grrrr. My food.

Odin-Loki wouldn't take no for an answer. But he did understand my growl. Now he's laying on the floor behind my chair with Freya. And I'm enjoying my peanut butter and tomato on pumpernickle. :- j

And just who is Odin-Loki you ask? We're asking ourselves the same thing actually. What were we thinking?!

You see, Freya can get so lonely when we're not home so we decided to get her a little pal, hopefully an easy-going male. Well we got the male part right. ;- j He's definitely not little and he's giving Freya a run for her money.

But he is a boxer and he understands her boxer body language. You should see the two of them tearing around the yard at full speed! He's still a bit daunted by the hill, whereas she can streak across it like a gazelle. But today they went exploring all her hidey-holes under trees and bushes on the hill -- it's a doggy adventureland -- and I saw them both up on the culvert that splits our hill in two.

He's Thor-sized and massive. His coat is brindle but he has flash like a fawn and, oddly enough, a full tail. That thing is a whip! But he wags it like any dog, with the little white tip waving like a flag. So kewt. Ow. But stingy.

We can't decide if he's Odin because of his stature, or Loki because of his nature. ;-> Odin-Loki works for me at the moment. They both have O sounds.

Because he was in prison (read: a kennel at Boxer Rescue L.A.) for two years, he's a little unsure about the outside. He's getting better, and soon it'll be second nature, but right now he balks at the door and hurries back in again. We're leaving it open so there's no added anxiety over the doggy door.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln,... ;->