Monday, May 08, 2006

Lesson #1: Grrrr. My food.

Odin-Loki wouldn't take no for an answer. But he did understand my growl. Now he's laying on the floor behind my chair with Freya. And I'm enjoying my peanut butter and tomato on pumpernickle. :- j

And just who is Odin-Loki you ask? We're asking ourselves the same thing actually. What were we thinking?!

You see, Freya can get so lonely when we're not home so we decided to get her a little pal, hopefully an easy-going male. Well we got the male part right. ;- j He's definitely not little and he's giving Freya a run for her money.

But he is a boxer and he understands her boxer body language. You should see the two of them tearing around the yard at full speed! He's still a bit daunted by the hill, whereas she can streak across it like a gazelle. But today they went exploring all her hidey-holes under trees and bushes on the hill -- it's a doggy adventureland -- and I saw them both up on the culvert that splits our hill in two.

He's Thor-sized and massive. His coat is brindle but he has flash like a fawn and, oddly enough, a full tail. That thing is a whip! But he wags it like any dog, with the little white tip waving like a flag. So kewt. Ow. But stingy.

We can't decide if he's Odin because of his stature, or Loki because of his nature. ;-> Odin-Loki works for me at the moment. They both have O sounds.

Because he was in prison (read: a kennel at Boxer Rescue L.A.) for two years, he's a little unsure about the outside. He's getting better, and soon it'll be second nature, but right now he balks at the door and hurries back in again. We're leaving it open so there's no added anxiety over the doggy door.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln,... ;->


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Christine said...

Sounds like another handful but wonderful!


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