Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Too, Too Sweet ;->

Freya and Loki are asleep on the familyroom couch & ottoman. Someone is snoring. Loki is tucked into the corner of the couch and Freya the ottoman, with one paw stretched across his back legs.

Loki still isn't quite sure what's happening next. Eventually he'll get bored with waiting to go back in his cage and forget about it. He's starting to walk out the back door on his own, tho he comes back inside quickly. The out-of-doors is just too foreign.

Raphaelle from Boxer Rescue called this morning to see how it was going. People have been asking about him. Poor guy was there for two years. She was pleased and surprised to hear we've had few ajustment problems. Only one food agressive incident this morning, but I quelled that imediately. He'll catch on. I've seen enough Dog Whisperer now to know anything can be straightened out if we're the pack leaders.

Tonight the pack is going for a walk. That should be entertaining. ;- j


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