Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dang Dogs!!

Will left his bedroom door open (again) and the dang dogs dragged out his sleeping bag and ate it. At least they evicerated it. Sleeping bag guts all over the livingroom. Don't know if it can be stuffed back in and sewn up. Sure to be lumpy.

Yesterday they pulled down some hats and coats from the coat rack and ate a hat (that I only found bits of). They chewed on a couple more. Luckily our favorite hats were still in the van from the weekend pool party!

They're getting bored. It's too hot to be outside so they look for mischief inside. sigh

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tinker - pre-surgery...

Tinker post-op -- these pics are day 3. Here he is - collar and all...! He's such a good patient!

Close-up of front of leg - very black & blue but the stitches look good. Opps - the picture uploaded sideways! Oh well, you still ge tthe idea.

Close-up of inside leg - can really see stitches - they're gone now! Got them out yesterday! He was a VERY good patient. Just laid there and let the doc take them out. Didn't even flinch! I scritched his tummy and the vet tech scritched his head.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Loki's Signature

Dave gave me the great idea of using a Loki-chewed frame for a Loki picture. 8-] So here's some of Loki's handiwork. Notice the signature style -- a classic Loki. ;->