Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hide & Seek.

Freya and Loki's newest game is hide & seek around the dog house (which is really a lawn sculpture as no dog ever goes in there). We play a similar game in the house with her, going round and round from the kitchen to the livingroom to the familyroom and back to the kitchen. It can be an interesting waiting game to see which direction the seeker will come from. Well she and Loki now play it around the dog house, with much starting and stopping and change of direction. It's a blast to watch. We sit on the patio with our sodas and chortle. I'll try to capture a picture of it.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger gknee said...

Too cute! Hope you an capture them in full swing or chase! Tinker loves to bound across the yard and narrowly miss Scooter or leap over him! Tinker's learning to play; he always thought Scooter was harming me and would attack him! He's learning to initate play now, too. What great entertainment the are! dove ewe, y/s


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