Saturday, May 13, 2006

well that was different...

i tripped over loki in the kitchen last night [actually stepped on him twice] and landed splat. i did a lovely job on my right knee and left wrist. knee is purply-ochre at the moment and my wrist is in a splint. doctor doesn't think it's cracked but wants the radiologist to read it next week to be sure.

it's gonna ruin my outfit tomorrow! my lovely sundress! [sigh] oh well, i'll just keep my arm in my lap. ;-l

big old lumox.


At 4:05 AM, Blogger gknee said...

Oh my! I learned of your accident from my friend, Mary Gail! I gave her the link...! Oh, yes, that dumb od' lumox of a boxer! I'm sure that's what you meant, right?! : ) Hey, you'll look lovely in your new graduation garb, splint and all! Wrap it in a colorful silky scarf - or just tell everyone it's your battle wound getting Will graduated! I'm so thankful it isn't broken! Is school almost ended for you so you can mend? BEST WISHES TODAY! Dove ewe!


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